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General Moving Tips

At Uspeed, we understand you will be having questions when you plan your moving or cleaning work. We want to share our experience with you to help you.

General Moving Tips You Should Know

Even when you’ve done it a thousand times, moving remains a nightmare that nobody wants to deal with. But you shouldn’t let your fresh start be ruined by a stressful move! Professional removalist companies are experts who can help you achieve a smooth and seamless moving experience.

However, not all house movers are one and the same. Despite their apparent credibility on paper, some companies hire unqualified employees with little experience and lack the necessary equipment to handle the move.

Without proper training and knowledge, hiring inexperienced movers can result in damaged items, extended jobs and overall poor customer satisfaction. Worst of all? These companies don’t typically offer their customers adequate insurance cover or any compensation at all.

In order to help you avoid a frustrating moving experience, here are some useful tips for moving and how to find the right team of removalists for you.

1. Opt for a credible moving company

First and foremost, always look for a professional and legal Melbourne moving company. You can easily verify this on their website by looking for a landline number, office address and reviews by previous customers.

While sites like Airtasker and Gumtree offer moving services for cheap, there is always a risk. As most are casual workers, they don’t always have the right equipment or enough vehicles, which can cause additional trips and job delays.

A good moving company will usually give you a no-obligation quote over the phone and will also assist in reducing costs by scheduling off-peak and backloading services when possible. We promise that a professional and well-equipped moving company will be well worth the investment.

2. Make sure you are insured

Even the best removal company can potentially cause mishaps with your belongings. In most cases, removal insurance covers your possessions until they’re placed in your new home. However, if you have items that are rare and expensive, make sure your removal company’s insurance is comprehensive enough to cover these.

A good sign for moving companies that really care also provide insurance for their workers. As movers do heavy physical labour every day, it’s important that should anything happen to them on the job that you are not held responsible to cover any additional costs.

The moving company is required to have public liability insurance as well. If you are moving into an apartment, around 80% of the property managers will require this insurance before allowing you to move in.

3.Always start early

Generally, it’s a good idea to give yourself 4 to 6 weeks to get organised once you decide to move, especially as most moving companies will suggest booking removals in advance. Get boxes and supplies early on so you can save time by packing away items that you don’t use regularly.

Disassemble large furniture, such as bed frames and cabinets, beforehand to save more time on moving day. Getting organized can allow the job to be completed in two hours instead of taking up an entire day — the latter being both time and money consuming.

Early morning is the best time to move since traffic and other issues are less likely to stop you. It would also be helpful to check available parking spots at both locations in order to avoid busy streets and meters. Making sure your movers can come on time and do their job swiftly will also help ensure that everything else stays on track.

4. Save money on boxes and packing supplies

As we all know, moving boxes are pretty pricey and depending on how many items you have, it can actually turn out to be the biggest part of your spending.

Some alternatives to buying these boxes include hiring some from wholesale discount websites, buying used boxes in good condition or looking for ones that some warehouses like Bunnings offer for free.

If you choose to hire a moving company, it can be a much simpler process as they can usually post moving boxes. While they might cost a little more than the options above, you can also take advantage of the supplies that are offered to customers for free including tape, cartons and plastic wrap.

5. Dispose of your waste responsibly

A move can also mean the chance to declutter. However, you don’t want to make another run to the landfill on the same day that you move.

It would be better to hire a moving company that can help you dispose of your old furniture and electrical appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators, all in one go! Seeing if friends or neighbours are interested in any of these items is also another good idea before deciding to discard them.

Ideally, you should negotiate with your movers to have them help you recycle furniture and electrical appliances at an additional cost. While moving can be stressful, it can be a rewarding feeling to be able to save the environment and do good deeds during the process.

We hope these tips will not only help you choose the right removal company for your move but also help you to have the stress-free moving experience you’ve always dreamed of!